Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Vedic Vortex


•You are blessed.
You are pure awareness.
This awareness is your very nature;
You can forget it but you cannot lose it.
It cannot be stolen. It is your very center.
Relax, but go on entering
deeper and deeper into yourself.
The body remains far away, miles away,
the mind remains miles away.
You are just a silent watchfulness,
a peace that passeth understanding.,
a bliss that no word can express.
An experience of eternity and immortality
which will bring you a great feeling
of dance, rejoicings, songs.
Even your silence will become a song
and your no-movement will become a dance.
Those who have known this source
have become pure love, compassion,
consciousness, purity.
This is your ultimate nature.
Life is only a school to bring you
to this ultimate nature•

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