Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Swami Sarvapriyananda.

 All the Upanishads consistently proclaim that you are one with Brahman, that you are verily Sat Chit Ananda. And everything else, all other living beings, the whole universe is Brahman. All beings are in you, and you are in all beings—the real you, of course.

This is to be made a living realization. ‘The one central idea throughout all the Upanishads is that of realization.’  The way to realization consists of Shravanam, (lit. ‘hearing’) meaning repeated and systematic study of the Upanishads, Mananam, clarifying all doubts with rigorous logical reasoning and Nididhyasanam, assimilating the Upanishadic truth by meditation.

The result is freedom—ultimate and permanent. ‘Freedom, physical freedom, mental freedom and spiritual freedom are the watch words of the Upanishads.’


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