Sunday, January 9, 2022

Robert Adams, T163: Silence Is The Ultimate Reality


Where  there  is  noise, there's death.  Where  there  is  silence, there's  life. True  silence doesn't  mean just to  keep  quiet. True  silence  really  means  when  you  go deep, deep  within yourself  to  that  place  where  nothing  is  happening,  where  you  transcend  time  and  space, and  you  go  into  a  brand  new  dimension  of  nothingness.  That's  where  all  the  power  is. That's  your  real  home.  That's  where  you  really  belong,  in  deep  silence,  where  there's  no good  and  bad, no  right  and  wrong,  nobody  trying to  become  enlightened  or  self-realized, no one  trying to achieve  anything.

Just  being. Pure  being. Not  being  this, or that,  or something  else, just  being. Not even being your self, for  there  is really no self  to  become. I  won't even  say  that  you  are  the  self  already,  because  in  reality  there  is  no  self  at  all.  Those  are more  words  to try  to  explain  what  God  is,  what  pure  awareness  is, what  absolute  reality is.  We  call  this  the  self.  But  what  are  these  words  to  you?  What  do  they  mean  to  you? They're  even  in  your  way.  You  have  to  get  to  the  point  where  you  stop  using  so  many words.


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