Sunday, January 16, 2022

Nisargadatta Maharaj

 For meditation you should sit with identification with the knowledge "I am" only and have confirmed to yourself that you are not the body. You must dwell only in that knowledge "I am", not merely the words "I am." The design of your body does not signify your identification. And also, the name which is given to you or to the body is not your correct identity.

 The name which is imposed on you, or the name which you have heard about you, you have accepted that name as yourself. Similarly, since you have seen your body, you think you are the body. So you have to give up both these identities. And the indwelling knowledge that you are, without words, that itself you are. 

In that identity, you must stabilize yourself. And then, whatever doubts you have, will be cleared by that very knowledge, and everything will be opened up in you.


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