Saturday, January 15, 2022

Liara Covert

 “The common belief is peace is peace of mind. Yet, true peace is not obtained. It is state of being. It is not some-thing, but rather, no-thing. True peace is what is real, who you are at the core. The heart knows peace is fullness of being. This is perfect peace, joy, love. They are not achieved. They are aspects of emptiness, and have no beginning or end.

 Emptiness has no fear, guilt or anything ‘human’ in it. When the human seeks peace in the physical world, he wishes to accept and embrace his own being. There is nothing wrong with anything. You live according to the rules and judgements of society or not.

 Anything that feels natural is the fullness of being. Recognize the difference between what feels right and what you think. True Love itself is the one cause. Everything arises from it. Its effects are physical, mental, emotional. You may initially associate peace with a quiet physical place, or fewer disturbing thoughts or emotions. 

True peace is spiritual peace, where you transcend the world, where you know you are a spiritual being playing a human role, where you see through illusion. Being here requires no protection or defending. Likewise, many people associate love with guilt, duality or limitation. True (Spiritual) love is all-inclusive. It is not loving someone to the exclusion of anything, it is a feeling of oneness with all. It is seeing divine reflection.”


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