Monday, January 17, 2022

Know Yourself beautiful prose(not mine)


Know yourself as the infinite spirit that you are. Know that the infinite spirit is not consciousness, but that from which consciousness seems to arise. Know that consciousness is not thinking, but that from which thinking seems to arise. Know that consciousness is not physical, but that from which physicality seems to arise. Know that, as all things seem to be, they simultaneously seem not to be. Know that consciousness seems to choose what is seemingly perceived within the physical, as well as that which is not perceived. Know that these choices seem to lie prior to your thinking, for that is how you have chosen to experience them. Know that it is possible to reconfigure how all of this is configured. Know that your mental and physical perceptions are forms born out of consciousness, which is born out of infinite spirit, which is born out of what lies beyond. Know yourself as that which lies within infinite spirit as well as that which lies beyond infinite spirit. Know yourself as your forms as well as your source. Know that all things are possible, but that you have chosen to entertain the concept of impossible, which is in itself an impossible concept, for ALL THAT IS contains ALL potential, including THAT WHICH IS NOT. This is the proof of your true nature. This is all you need to know, and even that is not required. You will know soon enough.


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