Wednesday, January 12, 2022

From "Golden Day"

 The origin of all things in this Universe is known as Ishwara (Lord of all i.e. the controlling Power) Brahma (Infinite Being) or Deva (i.e. enlightening Spirit of all). This Sublime Truth can never be realised by fasts, bodily austerities or various forms of discipline enjoined by various sects of religions but the same is only realised by Jnana (Self Realization) by the teachings of a Spiritual preceptor. The Reality which gives Supreme and Infinite Joy and which can only be realised by the Spiritual thinking is present everywhere and at all times. Then why should not intelligent people make efforts to know it? It is our advice to all again and again to make efforts to realise the said Truth. Without it the world will never have the real happiness or peace. It is the only source of real peace or happiness. The same is the natural Happiness of all and is also known as Samadhana or Religion. The same is the goal of all religions. Religion therefore means realization of the Origin of the whole Universe viz: God or ‘Jnana’ and that alone is called true religion.



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