Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Excerpt: Spiritual Unfoldment 3 by White Eagle

  Seek, and ye shall find. The Master did not speak idly. The soul which seeks always finds. Sometimes the answer is found instantly; sometimes a whole life may be lived before the answer comes, but come it will, for there is always an answer to the search of the soul.

Sometimes, in sleep, your guide will take you to the halls of wisdom, where you receive an answer in your innermost consciousness to the questions of your heart. But the spirit has powers of contact with the Most High, with the Creator, the great Sun, beyond that of the soul. There is no time or space in the realms of spirit. Instantly the spirit within you can make its contact. Unfortunately this contact is usually only just enough to keep life flowing into the physical body. Later, as the soul evolves, it grows to yearn more and more for the divine light, and calls and prays for knowledge. Then teachers come from spheres of light to that soul, or they may make use of an even more evolved soul on earth to convey instruction to the younger brother or sister. Souls learn the wisdom of God through countless incarnations. The soul needs long contact with physical matter to enable it to use the creative power of the light, implanted deep, deep within.

Art by Michael Divine

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