Sunday, December 12, 2021


 "What is the purpose of illusion? The purpose of illusion is Love and the purpose of being small as an individual, looking at something so great as God, is to be able to experience the Bliss of both loves: as God loving an individual and as an individual loving God. This is very beautiful!, it's one of the purpose of this illusion, if it's not the biggest one!

So this coming to God, establishing this love relationship with God, giving our love to God, receiving God's love, this is very important. Devotion is of utmost importance, and when you reach this point on your spiritual path of there is nothing else, only You exist, the Love that you have with God and the love that God has to you this is so strong, so strong, that you are ready for Freedom. Even saying this "ready for Freedom", it doesn't come even close of the magnificence of Love..."


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