Monday, December 6, 2021


 I AM Grateful for Your Great Wishes/Blessings for this special Day........

All of you too have a great day. While I am in the swing of spiritual intimacy/ecstasy and clarity of Consciousness since midnight, my whole body is spontaneously transcending in Light and Love. In this Divine Splendid Play of Consciousness, I am not only grateful to all of you for your kind loving wishes, I am also wishing you all the Blessings, Beauties and Glories of realization of your Higher Nature (of the SELF).

Abandon being so local, limited in the body-senses-mind-intellect set-up only...expand in Consciousness which is supporting life integrally. Become attuned to the current of life flowing through us all. Extend your awareness to feel what others are feeling.
Regular meditations-prayers-communing, Selfless service and Truth-Based associations go a long way to awaken to this Higher Reality beckoning all of us.
May you all breathe intimately in the Infinite Space, vibrating with fierce tenderness...letting your soul dance in the ecstasy and clarity of Consciousness...and seeing the whole universe dance with you....shimmering energy without end.
With Love and Light/Kindest Regards and Best Wishes............Ram.

Become BRILLIANCE in your bodily form....... union with the primordial Bliss of the SELF/ PRESENCE/I AM.....
At Peace, I AM and Free,
Proclaiming our Eternal Bliss
In life's true Destiny!
In the interior temple of your being,
there is Peace....Reach there,
Through your focus on the Self.
The one whose inmost self abides in the Supreme Soul,
He/she is most closely united with the Primeval Source,
Such a pure soul shines in the body like the sun in the universe.
Meditating on the symphony of your own life currents,
Open the ears of the soul and enter the palace of the creator.
Be steady as mind releases itself into its natural Freedom.
With Love and Light-------Namaste.............Ram

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