Friday, December 10, 2021



.......Have faith, keep faith and ride on its wings to have a sense of omnipresence, Free from any shadows and doubts.
Within this very body, there are many gateways to the realization of Infinity and Eternity.
Just crave to be refreshed in the Essence of Life. Go to the intersection of flesh and Spirit right into your own between your incoming breath and outgoing breath. Observe the tiny sparks that you breathe. Beyond motion and commotion, become the body of ecstasy and clarity of Consciousness......
.....this way keep moving forward and upwards in the splendors of the universe. and keeping immersed in the dance of the Inner world. And begin to see/enjoy with the eyes and ears of your soul,
Just breathe tenderly as the lover of all beings and appreciate Divine Presence permeating everything. The whole universe will begin to reveal itself to you. Be with it.
Best Wishes
...........With Love and Light.....Namaste........Ram

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