Tuesday, November 16, 2021

"Self Knowledge" by SWAMI NIKHILANANDA 1944

 Brahman is the Entity to whose expansion or immensity

there is no limit. It is the Absolute, the Supreme 
Reality, the Substratum and Ground of the visible 
world, the All-pervading Consciousness, the Spirit be- 
hind the universe, the Godhead, from which all beings 
are evolved, by which they are sustained, and into 
which, in the end, they . are absorbed. Through the 
Knowledge of Brahman the aspirant attains the Highest 
Good, Liberation, Immortality, and Abiding Peace. 
When he cultivates this Knowledge with diligence, love, 
hamilitys faith, and devotion, he is freed from the round 
of birth in the relative world, which is associated with 
the pairs of opposites and also with disease, old age, 
death, and other forms of suffering. 

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