Monday, November 1, 2021

Anishwaraya Sarvajnaya Maharaj

 You can believe in God, it is all-right, but you MUST have the Experience. It changes the whole game. Believing and having a concept about it, without direct experience, is dry life. God-Being is the True Self within and is accessible to both the believer, atheist and Knower. Few attend to this, many just go on in non-sensical dream that they call life. It is just a dream for me, but for them, it is EVERYTHING. The real pity is the ignorance of the Divine God that dwells within. There is a million dollars on your account and you only need to open the account and you can spend your million dollars. That's all it takes. You will not die, life is for everyone eternally and is not a mortal phenomena. You, I and everyone and everything is sitting amidst God's Kingdom and are knowingly or unknowingly in Absolute Heaven. Knowing it is enjoying it consciously. This is the goal, becoming happy as we are now, without a reason or cause. It is possible and is actually natural. Have no body-mind identification and you become Formless Essence. This means that you become Godly, unreachable by senses, High Divinity.

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