Sunday, October 17, 2021



Neither freedom from sorrow nor realization of one’s real nature is possible as long as the conviction does not arise in one that the world-appearance is unreal.
—Yoga Vasistha

**Q: Will there not be realization of the Self even while the world is there (taken as real)?
M: There will not be.
Q: Why?
**M: The seer and the object seen are like the rope and the snake. Just as the knowledge of the rope which is the substrate will not arise unless the false knowledge of the illusory serpent goes, so the realization of the Self which is the substrate will not be gained unless the belief that the world is real is removed.
—Sri Ramana Maharshi
**Without the projection of the mind, the world cannot exist. That world that appears to you in your dreams at night is unreal, and so is the world that appears to you when you are awake. There is no difference whatsoever.
—Jac O'Keeffe
**The only way of knowing reality is to be it. The mind cannot reach it. To perceive it does not need the senses; to know it, does not need the mind.
—Nisargadatta Maharaj



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