Monday, October 18, 2021

God’s Humble Abode is within by K. Nagori

Everything that is created is in God. You are a divine expression of life and are not separate from the power that created this Universe. If you know that all creations are the choice of God then you can’t make the choice to get out of the choice in order to worship the choice.
We need not worship anybody because we are THAT itself. We must go beyond the veil of manmade concepts and realize that true worship is found in spontaneous love and adoration of Self.
Anything else called worship is just an idea of worship coming from the heads of religions in order to give you fear. If you don’t worship you will go to hell. So worship and fear go together. You can’t worship if you don’t have any fear. But why fear?
God resides inside you. And you are living inside God.
Make the decision with right discrimination.
Sit quietly for ten minutes before sleep and after waking up, and give the rest of the time to the world, helping those who need your help.
**By K. Nagori **


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