Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Golden Dawn

 Vanished are those who in the days before us gazed at the rising of the morning Sun. It is we the living who now behold the Dawn, and after us her shining others will see.

Rig Veda I, 113, 11

Disperser of our foes, bringer of joys, born child of Order, to Order ever faithful, convey our offerings to the Gods, O Dawn, and shine on us today for wealth and fortune.

Rig Veda I, 113, 12

Never has Goddess Dawn failed to appear. Again today the generous One has risen. Ever hereafter will she rise each morning. She proceeds by her own power, unaging, deathless.

Rig Veda I, 113, 13

On the sky's borders she appears in splendor. The Goddess has thrown off the robe of darkness. Her well-yoked chariot of tawny horses heralds the approach of Dawn and rouses all men.

Rig Veda I, 113, 14

With her she brings all life-sustaining blessings. Brightly she shines and sheds abroad her radiance. She is the last of countless vanished mornings. She is the first of more bright morns to come.

Rig Veda I, 113, 15


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