Monday, August 23, 2021

The Honey-Doctrine (Rig-Veda)

 A man breathes in, he breathes out, within the womb. Quickened by you, to birth he comes once more.

Atharva Veda XI, 4, 14

The mighty Wind they call him, or Breeze. The future and the past exist in him. On Breath of Life all things are based.

Atharva Veda XI, 4, 15

When you, Breath of Life, quicken them, then the plants of the Atharvans and Angirases, of Gods and of Men, come to birth.

Atharva Veda XI, 4, 16

When Breath has poured down with the rain upon the vast earth, then plants come forth and herbs of every sort.

Atharva Veda XI, 4, 17

Yonder sun is, verily, the honey of the gods. Heaven is the cross-beam. The mid-region is the hive. The particles of water-vapours drawn by the sun through its rays are the eggs.

Sama Veda, Chandogya Upanishad III, 1 - The Honey-Doctrine (Rig-Veda), 1


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