Sunday, August 8, 2021



Just a few minutes of thought will
convince anyone of the hollowness
of earthly riches, fame or
happiness. When you are affluent,
everyone praises you; when the
tank is full, hundreds of frogs croak
all round. When the tank is dry, not
a single one is around. A proverb
states, if a corpse had a few jewels
on it, many will claim kinship with
the dead person; if it has no
valuables on it, not a single person
will weep for it! When you are
adding to your bank account more
and more, consider whether or not
you are accumulating troubles for
yourselves and your children,
making it harder for your children to
lead clean, comfortable and
honourable lives. Reflect and you'll
discover that the ones honoured
everywhere are only those who
renounced, and sought the more
difficult road of God-realisation,
than the easier path of world-
realisation! Your detachment must
be strong enough for you to discard
the bondage of the senses.
Author Unknown


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