Thursday, August 5, 2021

~ Sriman Narayana

 It is these Mundane values that are behind this darkness period… As a society, for example, in the west, life has become completely useless. For the majority there’s nothing more than just to live, to work, to eat and nothing left, nothing else; just to be safe or whatever. There is no vision about spirituality, the quest for Freedom/money is the greatest aspiration of all of these things.

For the majority of you those values are the only ones that are there, and you just look around as before, life was more difficult. It was more difficult to accomplish these desires for security, stability, money and all of this things; because it would take a long time to have your own house, build the family... and now everything is faster. So this recognition of emptiness of all these things is quicker to be there present.
You see, in a time where life couldn’t be more easy... For example, compared to your grandparents epoc, it is much more easier to get whatever you are aspiring. However the number of depression have been increased one thousand fold... All of this, because of these mundane values. So in spirituality this transition is very difficult, for some more difficult than for others; and this is what is behind these dark periods.


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