Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Hazur Baba Sawan Singh, My Submission

"The true master gives us the technique to conquer death by making us cross the gates that lead us to and beyond it. We are able to return to this physical body at will after traversing these higher planes of existence. We remain alive and remember precisely what we have seen within. The philosopher Plutarch says that at the moment of death the soul experiences the same impressions and passes through the same process experienced by those who are initiated into the Great Mysteries. In summary, our soul is the conscious entity that is seated behind and between the eyes [Third Eye]. As long as we do not die the REAL death, the death while living, the cycle of our births and deaths will never end. This state of dying while living is attained by faithfully following the master's instructions and becoming a gurumukh [devoted disciple], one who has dedicated his life to the master. One thus attains self-realization and one's mind is in complete accord with the Creator. One who has practiced and experienced death while living knows the Lord and is accepted in his court with honor."



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