Sunday, August 1, 2021



We need some outside help for this. This outside help comes from perfect spiritual master of the time who has himself known and seen the metaphysical form of God by unraveling the profoundest mystery. While the outside physical world of objects is the domain of the physical sciences, the field of study of religion and spirituality is the inner world. Our inner realm is beyond comprehension of sense organs, gross body, subtle mind and intellect.Human being is fundamentally and essentially divine in nature. However, the divinity in man is shrouded and veiled by the endless chain of thoughts and desires. It is only on knowing and realizing the indwelling spirit in practical sense that our compulsive habit of identifying ourselves with gross body, mind and intellect ceases. Theory followed by practical experience truly confirms, affirms and solidifies the abstract truth that is sought to be instructed. Simply knowing that the supreme spirit dwells in all beings as Soul is not sufficient. It is the vision in practical sense which would arouse unflinching faith. We, thus, need someone who can give the abstract metaphysical truth a visible reality.


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