Friday, August 13, 2021

Avarana, The Veiling Power

Kaivalya Navaneeta - The Cream of Liberation,
Maya is Abhinna Sakti of Brahman. ‘Abhinna’ means inseparable. Maya cannot be separated from Brahman. Just as heat is inseparable from fire, so also Maya is inseparable from Brahman.
Avarana, The Veiling Power
**49. Master: Avarana (the veiling power) veils the inner vision of all embodied beings, except unexcelled Ishvara and Self-realized jnanis, in the shape of: “It is not; It does not shine forth,” in the same way as the dense darkness of a wintry night hides the sky, the earth and the directions from our view. **
**50. Outwardly, this veiling power altogether obstructs the distinguishing of Brahman who is Perfection, from His modifications as the world, and inwardly that of the Self which is Pure Consciousness, from Its modifications as the inner faculties, that is, the ego, the mind. It is therefore the sole cause of that chronic disease, the endless series of births and deaths. **
**51. The question then arises: Whereon does the superimposition rest when the substratum is completely hidden? And how can there be any superimposition if the substratum is not hidden? The answer is: The substratum is twofold: general and particular, of which the general substratum remains continuous and unbroken. Transient superimposition is particular. **
**52. In the world, the common substratum, “This is”, can never be veiled; but only the particular identity, “This is a rope”. Similarly with the jiva, ignorance does not veil the substratum, “I AM”; but it veils the specific knowledge, “I am Brahman.” **


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