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Tantra is an esoteric tradition that is based on the desire to achieve spiritual realization. The term can be translated as "loom", "weave" or "warp", since it refers to a continuity.

There are variants of tantra in Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religions. According to some historians, tantra arises from a series of writings from the 6th century BC. made by Buddha.

In Buddhism, Tantrism is pointed out as a fast track to enlightenment. The tantras (teachings of tantra) are written in a symbolic way and constitute a guide for life.

Hinduism, for its part, emphasizes that masculine and feminine energies are integrated through tantra, obtaining total pleasure and reaching elevation. The relaxation and breathing techniques linked to tantra that are applied to eroticism are known as tantric sex.

In the western world, tantra is usually associated with sexual practices that seek a better use of energy. Experts speak of neotantra to refer to this current that is based on sexual union and neglects the spiritual aspects.

Tantric As with yoga and other ancient practices, the westernized version of tantra loses spiritual relevance and depth and is more associated with the body than with religion. Many see tantra as a technique to improve sex life and nothing more.

The main goal of tantric practices is to awaken the enlightenment of our consciousness. Its benefits are many; Some of them are linked to sexual life, but in general they point to a better knowledge of ourselves, with the consequent improvements that this entails. When the sexual life of a couple improves, it becomes richer, the climate between the two people becomes more harmonious, trust in the other increases, they begin to communicate in a more intense and close way, and all this inevitably affects the intellectual plane.

Tantric practices offer us a way not to let go of our youth, they revitalize us, renew us, make us feel that we have more energy than before carrying them out. Self-esteem also benefits from tantra, since as we feel better and with more strength to face life, our personal development is greater, and a cycle begins in which we trust more and more in ourselves.

Learning to know ourselves better leads us to accept ourselves fully, with our strengths and weaknesses, and all of this leads us to self-improvement. In addition, one of the benefits of tantric practices that is often ignored is that it makes us more capable of making important decisions, which makes the stages of uncertainty less frequent, since it makes us more practical beings.

Through tantra, life becomes more pleasant, the challenges that come our way every day seem more likely to be overcome, and our senses are sharpened, which makes us more perceptive and improves our intuition. Neural stimulation that causes the directing of sexual energy to our brain should not be underestimated.

It is worth mentioning that the large volume of energy that can be generated through tantric practices does not bring benefits by itself; it is necessary to learn to channel in a productive way, for which this knowledge must be approached with responsibility. To take advantage of the increased vitality that tantra offers us, we must be able to transcend reality and the limits established by our society in order to find absolute serenity.
Please remember that tantric sex is a way of exploring sexuality in connection with spirituality.
understanding that sexual energy is our greatest source of creative power.
Mantras make use of sound and its resonance. Mudras establish circuits that channel the electrical energy of the body. Mandalas play with the geometry and chromatic possibilities of light, and tantra enhances the most powerful energy: love. The orgasm is not the end of the party but the beginning of the celebration.In sexual act we leave an energetic and karmic imprint, that is, if the other person generated any negative consequence, they share some of that with you. By exchanging vibration we create bonds of subtle energy where, regardless of time and space, said exchange continues, to regain our clean auric field we must have a time of one year to two accompanied by a noble and pure heart to reconnect sexually with others persons.
Tantra is a physical encounter in which you have to be aware of entering and letting yourself enter a body without injuries. It is a sacred encounter between two souls and two bodies in which the masculine and feminine energy represent the unchanging consciousness of the human being.


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