Thursday, July 22, 2021

Swami Vivekananda

 Using an analogy while commenting on Patanjali’s yoga psychology (YS 1:2), Swami Vivekananda stressed the importance of quieting the mind so that it can concentrate deeply on the intended object, “The bottom of a lake we cannot see, because its surface is covered with ripples. It is only possible for us to catch a glimpse of the bottom, when the ripples have subsided, and the water is calm. If the water is muddy or is agitated all the time, the bottom will not be seen. If it is clear, and there are no waves, we shall see the bottom. The bottom of the lake is our own true Self; the lake is the Chitta [mind substance] and the waves the Vrittis [thought waves of the mind].”71 Swami Brahmananda confirmed, “You will find peace and happiness only if you can remember the Lord. If He is pleased, the world is pleased…. Accept all trials and tribulations boldly. Welcome them, for through them you shall surely find peace…. Know Him as your very own and you will find peace in Him…. Forget the body and its comforts; shake off the delusion of birth and death. Shake off the illusory peace of Maya and find the real peace—the everlasting peace of God.


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