Saturday, July 3, 2021


Bhagavan: Though the Atma-swarupa* is one’s true nature, the reason why it appears difficult to attain is because of the powerful illusion wrought through suttarivu.

That which exists is only the one consciousness. The many conceptualized varieties of objectified consciousness are only an imaginary notion in that which is.

It is foolishness to suffer by desiring and struggling to know the Self in the same way that sense objects are known by suttarivu.

It is not possible to see the eye with the eye. [In the same way] it is not possible to see the Self with suttarivu.

The experience of the bliss of blemishless, true jnana Samadhi will abide in a heart in which the suttarivu has perished.

Knowledge of the reality of the knower terminates mind-consciousness, the suttarivu that knows the non-Self.

Confusion, the whirling of the mind that is suttarivu, will not cease except by internal renunciation.

The cavorting mind, suttarivu, will not die except by awareness of the truth of the real nature of the thinker.

[Padamalai, pp 148-150

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