Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Robert Adams


“The question is, ‘Who are you and where do you belong?’

As you go within yourself, as you begin to find the truth within yourself, something begins to flash in your mind, in the beginning, that tells you that you are not the body and you are not the mind that you think with. Something begins to take over, something wonderful, something beautiful. You begin to feel feelings you’ve never felt before. You begin to see things as your Self. You’re never angry at anything, because if you’re angry at anything, you’re angry at yourself. If you hate anything, you hate yourself. Therefore you stop hating, you stop being angry, you stop judging, you stop criticizing. You leave everything alone. You no longer differentiate. You no longer say, ‘This is good and this is bad.’ You leave it alone period, without qualification. There’s no longer anything that’s bad, and there’s no longer anything that’s good. You see the world differently. It becomes a dream.”


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