Thursday, July 29, 2021

Ribhu Gita Ch. 8, v. 1)

 The Jivan-Mukta 15 The Jivan-Mukta is a person liberated during his life-time who continues to have consciousness of the body and world along with his firm abidance in his Siva-Self. He ever abides in the blissful peace of Sat-Chit- Ananda. He is poised rock firm in the conviction that he is not the body, and that his being is the sole existence, the sole alert-awareness-bliss of Siva-Self Supreme. (Ch. 8, v. 1) 16

 The Jivan-Mukta has his consciousness completely dissolved beyond recognition in his Brahman – Self. Eternally alone in his self, he is ever lost in the enjoyment of the bliss of his Brahman – Self. (Ch. 8, v. 25)



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