Thursday, July 22, 2021

Atharva Veda XII, 1, 16

 May the creatures of earth, united together,let flow for me the honey of speech! Grant to me this boon, O Earth.

Atharva Veda XII, 1, 16

Mother of plants and begetter of all things, firm far-flung Earth, sushined by Heavenly Law, kindly and pleasant is she. May we ever dwell on her bosom, passing to and fro!

Atharva Veda XII, 1, 17

As a vast abode, Earth, you have become great. Great is your movement, great your trembling, your quaking. The Lord all-powerful ceaselessly protects you. O Earth, grant us to shine like burnished gold, and let no enemy ever wish us ill!

Atharva Veda XII, 1, 18

Agni resides on earth, within the plants. The Waters contain Agni; in the stones is he. Agni abides deep in the hearts of Men. In cattle and in horses there are Agnis.

Atharva Veda XII, 1, 19

Our hymns of praise resounding now invoke you, O far-flung Earth, the bright one. Like a neighing steed you drive abroad your storm clouds.

Rig Veda V, 84, 2



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