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Chapter Fifteen: Purushottam Yoga
Sarvechchya Chahta Hriday Sankitovatamat: Memorandum of Understanding
Vedasacharya Saraiarahmeva and Vedayvedanantikravedikadvidev kamm .. 15 ..
I am in the heart of every living being, and only memory, knowledge and forgetting from me, I am only knowledgeable by the Vedas, of course, I am the knower of Vedanta and the knower of all the Vedas.
Gentlemen, God is situated in the heart of every creature in the divine form and due to him all actions are motivated, the creator forgets all the things of his past life, but he has to act according to God's instructions, who is witness to all his actions. That is why he starts working according to his past deeds, for this he is given necessary knowledge and memory, but he Forgets about the past life.
Thus God is not only omnipresent, but God is present in the heart of every living being in the ultimate divine form, they are going to give different karmic, the divine is not only formless formless and sacred in the form of inner God, but they are the incarnations of the Vedas. Even in the form of worship, the Vedas tell the people the right direction, so that people can properly mold their life and return to Goddess Dham Can go
Vedas provide knowledge about Sri Krishna and in the incarnation of Vedavishaji, Shrikrishna is the collector of Vedantasutra; Vedavasiji has given the real information of Vedantasutra of Vedantasutra as a Shrimad Bhagwat, God is so full that he is ready for the salvation of the Buddha. The creator is food provider and digestive, witnessing the activities of the organism and the Vedas Form provider of knowledge, he is the teacher of the Bhagavad Gita as Lord Krishna, he is revered by Bddhjiv, thus God Srwkalyanprad and Srwdayamay.
As soon as the creator leaves his body, he forgets it, "Inner Entry: Shasta Jananam" but after being inspired by God, he starts working again, although the creator forgets, but God gives him wisdom, Again, the imperfect work of his ancestor starts to do again, so the creature does not have the pleasure of happiness or misery in this world as per God's command in his heart, Shall receive an opportunity to them to understand the Vedas.
Gentlemen! If someone wishes to get Vedic knowledge properly, Sri Krishna offers him the necessary wisdom, therefore, the Vedic knowledge is presented because God needs to understand Krishna, it is confirmed by the Vedic texts - "Yosu Saraividyargayate" means the four Vedas , Vedanta Sutras and Upanishads and Mythology, all Vedic literature is the anthem of God, God has given Vedic rituals By s, is by interpretation of Vedic philosophy and received by the Lord's devotional worship.
Therefore, the purpose of the Vedas is to understand Sri Krishna, the Vedas instruct us, so that Shrikrishna can be known and his experience can be realized, God is the ultimate goal, it is confirmed in Vedantasutra - "Tantu Samanyvayat" Man three Gain accomplishment in the states, knowledge of Vedic scriptures can be understood in relation to God, fulfilling various methods Can be accessed by An and finally the ultimate goal can be achieved Sribgwan, the purpose of the Vedas in this verse, the goal of knowledge of the Vedas and the Vedas have been defined clearly.
Brothers and sisters, become heartbeats, live by the path of heart, live by love, live peacefully, we do not have a heart, then we are not of any use, no matter how wise a person is, how many scholars and how rich Yes, they have no meaning, if the heart is not there, then they do not live near the soul, we can reach ourselves by coming into the heart, being heartbeat is the inevitable condition of being self-confident, without a heart Awareness of the person is not a man, but the machine.
Get into the heart, let the path of the heart reach, open the door to the heart; the heart is the only Kshirsagar, the heart of Lord Vishnu, the heart is the temple, the heart is the temple where the soul of the Atma is divine, it remains in the heart of Liladhar It may be seen outside, even though he may be doing egotism, but from within he can not disappear anywhere, come to the heart, meditate in the heart, form a heart in the heart, without the heart of the heart Mystery not dip fitted Enlightenment can not seem to hand.
A man can become rich in a year, but in one year he can not become a scholar, for having a scholar, he has to spend ten to twenty years, even after such a time has passed, it is not necessary that the man will become enlightened It is easy for a person to be rich but it is very difficult to become enlightened; the path of enlightenment is the path of knowing itself, this path starts from the heart, the soul itself in the heart The Thit.
That is why I said that there is an introduction on the same, there is a halt on the same and there is the floor on it, the journey will start from the heart and it will end on the heart only, without any efforts, only the soul does not know the soul, the person whose heart is not pure Whatever the person may try, but he can not reach his original being and the original source, that is to purify the consummation, without the purification of the inner intuition, If you take Yoga Sadh too, then the result of that yoga will be inauspicious.
Yoga and meditation are also the same as Lord Sriramji and also the son of Ravana, Indrajeet, but Indrajit deserves death of Srirabh-Lakshman as a result of his yoga, yoga and meditation, even the master of demons is Shukracharyaji, but every time It is the matter of the issue against the deities, the point of the issue is that if our heart is not pure, and if a person of a raging nature is sitting in his yoga position, then They will do good to society by yoga or not, but will definitely harm the society**


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