Saturday, June 5, 2021


Love itself speaks through every pore of your body, you need not open your mouth, there is no word for Love. What you can speak about and what you can experience is not Love. All thought and speech is philosophy, not Love. For everything else, you need to work. There are sadhanas and paths and ways, but there is no path to Love.
There is no center which will teach you Love. Bones will melt in true Love, let alone mind and ego. Nothing is in True Love. So long for only your own Self and you will be That. Taking time is just postponement and interest in something else. Love is the spontaneous Indweller of your Heart.
Some people say that in Emptiness there is no Love and no Beauty. These traditions and teachers say that Emptiness is empty of everything. This is not my experience. Love is the fathomlessness of Emptiness. The very Heart of Emptiness, Arriving at the depths of Emptiness, there is Love and Beauty! It is very Beautiful.
In love, You Are Love Who will speak to whom? Just Look at it, and İt will happen. Everything is artificial, Everything but Love. When you Love, you know how to Love, otherwise you don’t. It comes by itself from within, you are not to do anything about it. Then when Love is Here, all the rest is finished. There are no attachments to anything, There Is Only Love Loving Itself.


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