Wednesday, June 30, 2021

**Mahendra Joshi **


Birth after birth, life after life, the deer continues his bondage. There comes a day when deer starts thinking - Why am I bound by snake? Can I be free? What should I do so that I am free? Can I enjoy the bliss? He turns into a seeker. His searching mind opens a divine door for him.
Your journey toward the Bliss (God) starts when you realize the bondage. The journey continues as you seek the freedom. It progresses when you start looking at enjoyment provided by sense organs as a poison and nothing but poison. As you travel the path towards the Divine the grip of the snake around you starts loosening. The more you practice spirituality, the more you develop dis-passion (Vairagya or reduction in desires and attachments) As the dis-passion develops you start enjoying the bliss. Divine doors of knowledge start opening before you one by one.
It is always a long and painful journey...The divine is always with you as you travel towards him. There will be difficult times and there will be help too. You may fall many a times because you are trying to go back to the origin against the current and the journey against the current is never easy. One step at a time and you will still progress. As you move up the ladder of Divinity the snake leaves you completely...because it dosen't have anything it can tie around itself. Passions of your mind have reduced substantially.
So far you were seeking the God. Now, God is seeking you!
The Divine YOU: Here is an image of the Divine You. A deer without fear. A deer that is contented with itself and waiting for the Divine. Away from the heard, his eyes are fixed on the goal and he is peaceful. There is no fear in his eyes because he knows he is protected by the divine grace. The snakes of passion, attachment and emotions have left him long time back. The snake cannot catch him because he has developed Vairagya (non­-attachment) with the help of Viveka (discrimination & wisdom). His passions have gone down substantially. He still has a long wait before he attains the ultimate bliss. But he has attained freedom from the snake and he continues to enjoy the freedom as he awaits the Bliss


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