Sunday, June 6, 2021

In the Beginning

In the beginning, there is the Infinite One. This is the source of All That Is. Infinite consciousness. Intelligent infinity. There is unity. Infinite intelligence and infinite energy – the two are one, and the potential for all creation is contained therein. Infinite intelligence does not recognize its potential. It is the undifferentiated absolute. This state of consciousness could be termed as "being". Infinite energy, in contrast, recognizes the potential of "becoming" all things. Infinite intelligence can be likened to the central heartbeat of life, and infinite energy to the spiritual life-blood which pumps out from the Creator to form the creation.
In effect, the Creator is a point of focused infinite consciousness expressing infinite intelligent energy. On focusing its infinite intelligence, the One Infinite Creator manifests intelligent energy which you could call the great central sun. It then divides itself into smaller portions of itself that can, in turn, experience themselves as creators or central suns, thus beginning the next step in the creational spiral. In other words, each central sun or creator is a step down in conscious awareness from the original "thought" of creation.
Unknown Author


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