Monday, June 28, 2021

I AM LOVE Jeff Foster

You never fall in love with another person; the other person is only a catalyst and a messenger.
You fall in love with life itself, and her staggering possibilities.
You sink more deeply into your own sweet presence, the unchanging vastness at the core of your being.
And then you credit another person.
Or you blame them when you disconnect.
But it’s all you, and all for you, and for your healing, and theirs too, and the salvation of this world.
There is no need to leave yourself to have what you are looking for.
You are the One, never a seeker of love but its source and destination and reason, and you can move and have your being in the world as that.
To know love is to know that love can never be ‘found’, for it shines equally in the looking, the finding, the losing, in the strength of the shining, even in the stillness of the night.
As Sigmund Freud realised, you cannot love what you desire, and you cannot desire what you love. For love is always closer, more intimate, at less of a distance than desire, unable to objectify or itself be objectified.
I am love, and I am what you are.
That is all.”


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