Saturday, June 26, 2021



You are the great mother manifest before me, the dark moon, the mystery, the Goddess, the Maiden, the Sage. You are the cosmos creating stars of light & the cosmic womb of all that is.
I See you. I Honor you. All man is born of woman. All man is born of woman & to the sacred temple I return, I remember, I remember the beating heart of the cosmic mother, the watery womb of love where I am safe and nourished.
I kneel before you today as the archetype of man, of husband, of lover, of son, of father and of brother. I place myself at your feet and invite you to join me in healing and balancing the divine masculine and the divine feminine. I have no wants or needs of you, only an invitation.
Open your heart and give me all of your dark and all of your light. I place only my love on the alter between us. My love is safe, honest, integral, trusting, sacred, playful, healing, adventurous, pleasurable, sexy, fun, caring, forgiving, balanced, open, willing, strong, transformation, accountable, nourishing, vital, fierce, divine & infinite. I am unafraid as I don't seek love outside of me. I am love.


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