Thursday, June 3, 2021

God ~ Brahman ~ Bhagavan ~ The True Self Realised is (experienced)

~ God ~ Brahman ~ Bhagavan ~
"Sat Chit Ananda"
The personal self, which is in all aspects of life illusionary separated from God, is bound to suffer (Maya - Samsara)
Until The True Self ~ God ~ Is Realised
There is no other way than to surrender in every aspect of life, to "God who Is All"
"Non God Realised" doesn't exist
There is nothing that is not "God-realised"
But for the human mind this is hard to cope, difficult to understand, the meaning of suffer, to be the result of separation from God, which is in fact impossible, for "All there Is, Is God"
This seclusion of God, by the illusionary self-body-mind-thoughts-, is the only possible experience of suffer, for All that Includes God can only be Eternal Bliss🌺
~ God ~ Brahman ~ Bhagavan ~

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