Wednesday, June 16, 2021

By Swamiji

 Osho Secred Vedic Divine Mystic Transcendental Tantra Vidya Reveals...

As women our gift is our receptivity...
But what does this actually mean when relating to men?⁣
It means creating space for them to gift you⁣
It means simply getting clear on what you desire, from your deepest embodied essence & stating these desires⁣
To the masculine ⁣
And allowing them to step into the role of gifting you that which you desire ⁣
He wants nothing more than to gift you what you desire ⁣
This thrusts him directly into his masculine essence⁣
Through your receptivity ⁣
Receive his desire to provide ⁣
Receive his desire to protect ⁣
Receive his desire to penetrate ⁣
This does not make you “weak”, “inferior” or “incapable” ⁣
This is the strongest female quality we possess, our receptivity ⁣
Our wombs are the clear pristine chalices, waiting to be filled with consciousness ⁣
To move through us, to plant & birth seeds of new creation ⁣
This makes us woman⁣
We incarnated in a woman’s body to have this blissful dynamic experience⁣
This consciousness moves through embodied masculinity, desiring to fill us from above & below ⁣
So begin to create space in your life, psyche & heart to receive embodied masculinity & notice how much richer & fulfilling your relations become ⁣
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