Wednesday, May 5, 2021

The Power of the Feminine By Hua-Ching Ni, Mao Shing Ni

 The Voice Within

The Heavenly Reason consists of two words, but they are in your own heart. If when you do a thing and in your heart there remains some misgiving, then your deed is against Heaven and contrary to Reason. A virtuous individual scrupulously guards himself or herself when alone, solely to retain Heaven’s Reason and to calm human desires. That is to say: “Attend to your duty and do not scheme for gain. Look after what you ought to do and do not measure your merit.”
The source of good and evil is in the heart, and the best method of controlling it is a reverential attitude of the heart. Ever turbulent is the heart of the one who does evil; ever wakeful is the heart of the one who does good. The teachings of spiritually focused people are written in many books. There are a thousand gates and ten thousand doors, but through which shall you enter? The main point is to guard yourself when alone so you do not go astray. Then you will see how your strength grows.
Proceed in goodness for a thousand days and that will not be enough; proceed in evil for half a minute and it will be too much.

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