Saturday, May 8, 2021



Treasure for Reflection
Man in the present day world is consumed by blind fury and cultivated hatred. With inner dynamism totally lost, we are then consumed from within. There is a colossal wastage of human energy in every sphere of existence. Let us all cultivate inner dynamism in a right manner, to overcome all the 'isms' of this world. Let us blossom like celestial flowers everywhere. Let this revolution of equalising all humanity be the new challenge of a new time to become new, fresh, beautiful human beings!
Sanskrit Keyword for Practical Life
Antarchaksus Divine vision
The inner soul is the force behind all our eyes which enables us to perceive outward forms - the direct knowledge of world reality is the result of this inner spiritual dynamism. Inner vision is not a mental construction, but the disclosure of a truth from beyond the finite mind. The spontaneity and directness of such experience is the result of inner vision.
Centre Vedantique Ramakrishna Gretz France
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