Tuesday, May 4, 2021

KABIR, Songs of the Divine

 Merge Into Your Self . . .

  Friend, without the Eternal Teacher, you will wander aimlessly forever. You will search and never find rest. A shepherd once brought a lion’s cub, to be reared among his sheep. The cub romped and played among the sheep, and did not know his own nature. A wise lion finally appeared from the forest, he filled the young lion’s heart with great fear. The old lion took the younger one to the stream, and showed him his true form. The young lion, upon discovering his true self, became uncontrollably happy. The musk deer smells her own scent, and foolishly searches for it elsewhere; distressed in mind, she keeps on wondering: “Where does that fragrance come from?” Through his grace, the Teacher reveals your true and intrinsic nature to you, only then will you discover bliss beyond all words. Kabir says, “O brothers and sisters of mine listen! Turn around and merge into your Self.”


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