Monday, May 17, 2021

Jeff Foster


“Awakening brings with it two stunning realizations: That there is nothing and nobody to blame for unhappiness, ever… No parent, no boss, no event, no ‘mistake’, no bodily ‘problem’, no government, no authority figure, no substance, no presence or absence of that which is wanted or unwanted… And true joy and contentment are without cause, and never dependent on circumstances. There is no excuse for misery, and no excuse required for joy. This kind of radical freedom and responsibility (or lack of it) can be dizzying and even terrifying at first, and bring with it profound existential uncertainty. “Nobody to blame anymore? Nothing external can make me happy? Then what’s it all about? Why do I bother? Who the hell am I?” But stick with the uncertainty, Friends… Allow the ground beneath you to open up. Be here. Breathe. Remember that only the false can die. Free fall into wonder. Taste the delight in life, naked.”


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