Sunday, May 2, 2021

By Bibhuti Mohanty

  Atman identifies with mind and gets trapped. Yes, mind is cursed to reject next moment what it collects with great delight after blood shed and fight. This is applicable when we make love, when we eat, when we possess some something with great passion...the forgotten nectar keeps Atman pulling away from ASAT Vastu ( non existent matter) which are projected by mind and offered by mind to the Atman...How can the Anantha (eternal) be happy with ephemerals! Free the beautiful bird by vairagya and tear for freedom. Million paradises look fake before you the Brahman. Yet, you as deluded Atman attaching to your(Brahman's) own Maya(in the form of mind) and weeping for ages with the non existent body, cycling the perilous cycle of death!


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