Tuesday, April 27, 2021



The grace of God is a perennial rain that inundates our Earth. It is not extracted with great difficulty. Just as the rays of the Sun touch the surface of the Earth without our summoning them—spontaneously there is a world of light brightening the surface of the Earth when the Sun is in the sky—so are the waves of blessing that emanate from this vast ocean of beneficent individuals. They have human characteristics in the sense that they can bless us. They have super-individual characteristics in the sense that they do not belong to this world.
The highest heaven touches this Earth even now. Though due to our erroneous reading of the passages of the scriptures we may think that heaven is a number of kilometres or millions of miles away from us, this is a defective way of measuring height and distance with our mind. There is no distance between heaven and Earth because heaven is the most rarefied form of Universal matter which, in the process of creation, descends into denser and denser forms of expression until it reaches the very Earth on which we are seated. Since the distance between heaven and Earth is nothing but the distance between the most rarefied form of Universal substance and its lowest, grosser form, there is a continuous invisible vital relationship of the highest with the lowest.
As distant stars shed their bright rays on the surface of the Earth and condition even our life in the world, these great Masters, perpetually operating in a realm beyond sense-perception, send a sea wave of blessing to all people. Every divinity as a god in the high heavens is internally related to us, and so are the Masters. In that realm of inclusive interiority of the Spirit, there is no such thing as ‘my Guru’ and ‘somebody else’s Guru’. Everybody is ‘my Guru’, ‘our Guru’, because this socially conditioned ethnic differentiation that we find in physically embodied Masters is cast aside there, and they are not even human, or males and females. They are centres of light.
The more they rise above in the higher realms of being, the more they become impersonalised in their existence. There are many levels of being, and in every level there are discarnate spiritual entities. The higher ones have greater capacity of conducting themselves in respect of everything in the world; the lower ones have lesser capacity.
Thus, they are ambassadors of the Spirit, arms of God operating in the world. Their will to bless, to redeem in a most compassionate manner, is their perpetual characteristic, not arisen in themselves by effort. If we give a few coins to a poor beggar, this is a feeling of charity that we may have sometimes, but it is occasional, done with effort, and not always spontaneous. But the charity embodied by the Masters is a spontaneous manifestation of their very makeup. In their internal makeup and constitution as spirits, they touch everything, and therefore they are permanently, perpetually in contact with everything in the world. Such contact is an automatic blessing, we may say.

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