Sunday, March 14, 2021

Shad Crow


About Eternity.
Where is eternity?
What is eternity?
How can I become eternal?
Where is eternity?
It is within you, at the centre of the mind that is still without any concepts of duality, it is not in time, but in your divine amazing spirit of awareness.
What is eternity?
It is the eternal consciousness that is neither born nor dies, it is the deepest part of your beingness. Eternity is a being and that being is you, your awareness, that awareness is you.
How can I become eternal?
You already are. If you could seek eternity as if it is something to grasp, it would mean that you are not eternal now, but that is not the reality of eternity.
Eternity is here now, it is awareness that is living and breathing within this body of atoms that is a temporary cloak to experience this temporal place.
The power that gives you breath, the movement of the body, the senses that you use all flow from the eternal self that is you.
Eternity is here now, how can it not be? There is never a time that eternity is not aware and you are aware now, so you are eternal now.
Eternity pours from your centre of divine love that is the throne of consciousness.
Peace and Love
Shanti Crow.

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