Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Robert E. Wilkinson

Reality is pure consciousness and Consciousness and Being are synonymous.

There is no difference between the purely subjective element of one’s subject-object consciousness and God. Being and God are the same.

I and the Father are One….

Jesus Christ

The Divine Reality is Pure, Non-Dual Consciousness beyond the relativity of the knower and the known. It is prior to every form of existence. It is self-luminous and self-existent. A Noetic Plenum, It is the ultimate reality.

“ In an absolute Silence sleeps an absolute Power ” ( Savitri )

The Atman is the Self or Spirit that remains above, pure and stainless, unaffected by the (vicissitudes) of life, by desire and ego and ignorance. It is the true being of the individual, but more widely, the same being in all, and the Self of the Cosmos. It has an existence above the existence of the Individual and the Cosmos and is then called, Paramatman, the Supreme Divine Being.

This supreme teaching imparts a knowledge attainable by no other means than Self-realization. It removes man’s deep-rooted misconception regarding himself, namely, that he is bound, finite, imperfect, and mortal, and points to his true self as self-existent, self-shining, ever-pure and ever-free. It removes man’s equally indomitable misconception regarding the Supreme Being, namely, that He is remote, unattainable, hidden, if not non-existent and reveals him as the innermost Self, ever-manifest, immediate and direct. Thus what is conceived as the farthest is revealed as nearer than the nearest, what appears to be unattainable, as already attained, what is ever hidden, as self-manifest.


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