Tuesday, March 9, 2021

REFLECTION On the Song of the Universe

The true you, your holy self, is beyond any limits of the

mortal world. So are the talents and brilliance within

you. When you dwell in that knowledge, simply recognizing

and appreciating the divine spirit residing in all of us, you re-

ceive the charisma of a self-confident person.

Someone who has confidence in God comes across as confi-

dent to the world; someone who thinks of himself or herself as

a follower of God comes across as a leader to the world. You'll

develop a kind of invisible light, a sense of humble certitude, a

greatness that comes from beyond yourself.

Your abilities, your intelligence, your talents, your personal-

ity, your circumstances, your dreams will all come together in

a beautiful pattern. And you will see all this as your calling-a

calling back and forth, in continuous song, from your heart to

the universe and from the universe back to you.


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