Saturday, March 13, 2021

Integral Spirituality


Jesus never asked you to make him your savior or to worship him. Nor did he ask anyone to say a sinner's prayer or confess that he was Lord. In fact, if anything, he told his followers the exact opposite.
Jesus did not come to save us from hell or deliver Us from the hands of an angry God who needed to be appeased. He came to expose the false religion of his day for believing that God was even like That.
Jesus was a savior to mankind not because a "holy God" needed a sacrifice, but because we (humanity) did. He demonstrated for everyone how to find salvation withIN ourselves by dying to the egoic illusion of separation. He taught us how to look past the outer form to recognize in the depth of Our Being that we are One with God. He did not make himself an exception, but showed us how to become our own saviors by taking responsibility for our lives in the realization of our own inherent Wholeness and Divinity which is never separate from God

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