Thursday, March 4, 2021

Indu Arora


You are: Unborn, Undying.. always Alive
Take your time to enter your heart
Enter that cave
Take your time...
Enter through the passage of breath
Take your time...
Let the breath become subtle..quiet
Till the prana shines forth
Take your time...
Flow along with the stream of prana
Into where it springs forth from
Take your time...
Till the prana become a thin yet strong beam of light ⚡️
Travel the path of fire 🔥
Travel with this light
Into the cave
Take your time...
Till the light bursts into thunder of silence
Travel with the sound of silence
Further into the cave of your heart
Take your time...
Till the silence becomes the white particle of void
Stay there.
Take your time.
Focus not on it but enter into it
Piercing through the center
Take your time.
Enter the ever present space
Now- You are THAT
This- YOU
Is the source of life, birth and death
Fear not
Unborn, undying.. always alive!

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