Tuesday, March 9, 2021

In liberation

 In liberation it is seen that the person that we think we are is simply an appearance. At our heart and at the heart of everything is undifferentiated Being from which all differences appear. There is no self, there is no person.

The most common misconception about liberation is that it is something a person can gain. But liberation is a loss – the loss of the sense that there ever was a separate person who could choose to do something to bring about liberation.

When it is seen that there is no separation, the sense of vulnerability and fear that attaches to the person falls away and what is left is the wonder of life just happening. Instead of meaning there is a squirrel motionless on a grey tree trunk, legs splayed, head up, looking straight at you. Instead of purpose there is the incredible way an ant crawls over a twig.

When the sensation that I am in control of my life and must make it happen ends, then life is simply lived and relaxation takes place. There is a sense of ease with whatever is the case and an end to grasping for what might be.

~ Richard Sylvester


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