Sunday, March 21, 2021


**When a person is dying, his voice goes into his mind; his mind into his breath; his breath into heat; the heat into the highest divinity. that which is the finest essence - the whole world has that as its soul. That is Reality. That is Atman. That art thou, Svetaketu. [Chanodgya 6.8.6]
As these flowing rivers that tend towards the ocean, on reaching the ocean disappear, their name and form are destroyed and it is called simply "the ocean" - even so of this spectator these sixteen parts that tend towards the Person [Purusha, the cosmic unity], on reaching the Person disappear, their name and form are destroyed, and it is called simply "the Person." [Prasna 6.5]
Death is better than life.
When one has come into the presence of undecaying immortals,
What decaying mortal here below, who understands,
who meditates on the pleasures of beauty and delight,
Would delight in a life over-long? [Katha 1.28]
When are cut all the knots of the heart here on earth, then a mortal becomes immortal! [Katha 6.15]**


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