Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Oneness is known as Amida, Dharmakaya, Krishna, Brahman and Dao.


Hoping for a future rebirth in the Pure Land misses the point. We’re already there, we just need to realise it! And we do that by letting go of the notion of Samsara.

This is about Oneness and non-duality.

Overcoming the illusion (Maya) that there is something that we need to do or achieve, or which we lack.

It is only through the beer-googles of Maya that we see Samsara as different from Nirvana. The Mahayana has always taught Samsara is Nirvana. Advaita has always taught Atman is Brahman.

And it is in the light of this illumination that we can truely say this Saha realm is also Sukhavati.

This Oneness is at the heart of all spiritual and mystical experience. It is the perennial philosophy that reappears time and time again throughout human history but expressed in different ways according to culture and language. Namely: That behind the multiplicity of our everyday experience there lies a unified reality, the so called Divine. And that unified reality includes us ourselves, we are not just surrounded by it but are part of it. So much so that the unified reality is in fact our true nature and real identity. Anything beyond that is just illusion. Our goal is to travel in the opposite direction, to go beyond illusion and return to the oneness.


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